Tipafighter – what do we do?


Welcome to TipAFighter, an online platform where REAL FANS can interact with REAL FIGHTERS in REAL TIME. Share the moment of that spectacular knockout , that amazing submission, that come from behind win in the cage right as you are watching and as your favorite fighters are performing.

The TipAFighter platform is bringing Innovation to the Professional MMA Industry for Fighters, Fans and Promoters.   Our platform combines the ease of online and mobile payments technology with the collective power of crowdfunding to innovatively redefine the way MMA fighters are compensated for spectacular performances. This is not a charity proposition at all – this is about pay for performance, pure and simple!

TipAFighter brings a whole new level of Fan and Fighter interaction as Fans get to demonstrate their gratitude for amazing fight performances in real time through the simple concept of tipping.   Tipping provides that extra incentive for fighters to deliver spectacular finishes to their performances. In return for their tips, Fans will be offered the opportunity to win a variety of rewards and prizes. Their favorite Fighters will offer these rewards and prizes in recognition for the Fans ongoing support and encouragement.

The TipAFighter platform is simple, safe and easily accessible. We employ the PayPal payment technology system that most are familiar with already. No registration is necessary. With a few simple key strokes on your pc or mobile phone you can send a tip, it truly is that easy! TipAFighter accepts tips from all around the globe and offers a forum where Fans can interact with Fighters in a more supportive way.

Fans can look forward to Fighters interacting with them on a more personal basis through a variety of means including exclusive video clips, the TipAFighter discussion forums, and social media feeds. Perhaps even live telephone calls or skype for their hard core, die hard, most loyal fans!

Our team has big plans to make it better and better as we develop more concepts and introduce more innovative ways for you to enjoy your Fight Fan experience!

We are Giving Power to the People.


The TipAFighter Team




Our aim is a moral and righteous one. The question is will YOU be a part of the solution?

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