Frequently asked Questions

A WIN-WIN-WIN Proposition

We believe TipAFighter represents a Win-Win-Win proposition to the entire MMA community, Fans, Fighters alike and Promoters, in particular.  For Fans, it is…lives on the line and to enjoy more exciting fights.  For Fighters, the opportunity to make additional income…deliver spectacular performances for fans.  Which, in turn, causes them to realize their potential as a professional fighter.

For Promoters, a new and free incentive is introduced to their fight rosters which translates into more outstanding fight performances, and as a result a higher quality product from their promotion and stimulating growth in attendance and viewership of their events.


Why should I Tip?

First, the vast majority of professional MMA fighters do not earn an income sufficient for them to actually call it a profession. Secondly, you tip for other types services and entertainment on a regular basis. Fighters place their health and lives on the line for your entertainment. Enough said.

When should I Tip?

This isn’t a charity. This is about pay for performance. If you enjoy that spectacular knockout, the amazing submission, the heart of an incredible comeback victory show your gratitude and offer a tip.

How much should I Tip

The TipAFighter platform offers a range of tipping options from $5 on up. It is really up to you.


How much can I earn from Tips?

The sky is the limit really. The innovation derived from combining the simplicity of online and mobile payments with the power of crowdfunding introduces a whole new means of defining the concept of value in your fight performances. How much is a knockout or a submission truly worth? We hope you sign up with us and discover for yourselves.

How do I receive my Tips and how do I know I am receiving all of my Tips?

We leverage the power of the Paypal payments system for tip collection as well as reporting. You will, within 30 days after your fight, receive the amount due to you along with a certified statement developed independently by Paypal. We aim for independence and transparency for you in our services.

What else can the Tipfighter platform do for me other than collect tips?

The TAF Team is all about innovation. We are leaders in this area and we will work closely with you individually.  This is to ensure that our platform is providing you a means to build and strengthen your fan base, as well as maximize your income from tips and promotional activities.  You will be joining a fraternity of Fighters from around the world.  You will share in a part of MMA history that is redefining the earnings model for professional fighters for years to come.


How is TipAFighter going to impact my business?

We hope positively.  By providing a cost free means to you to further incentivize your roster of fighters. This should translate into more motivated fighters and better fights, which in turn should help you grow and strengthen your fan base and overall business. Our services are complimentary to your business, we are not competitors in any way.

OK I am sold on the idea now why should we embrace the TipAFighter platform as the industry standard for this?

First, because we are innovators with further plans for complimenting your business objectives. Second, our mission is focused on supporting the fighters to have a more lucrative and extended career thereby attracting more talent to the profession which can only enhance the quality of your events. Third, we aim to provide fans with a deeper level of interaction with their favorite fighters which will help your promotions build viewership. Fourth, the TipAFighter management team has a global presence and we are seasoned professionals in a variety of disciplines. Fifth, we aim to offer our services with the highest levels of integrity, transparency and quality. Sixth, you heard of WIN-WIN scenarios, right?  Well, we are offering a WIN-WIN-WIN proposition for Fans, Fighters and Promoters.