Fighter Profile

Leandro Higo


Nationality :Brazil
Date Of Birth :1989-01-19
Height :5’6
Weight :135 lbs

Leandro Higo is a Brazilian Bantamweight fighter who is a member of the PitBull Brothers fight team. He is currently contracted with the Ressurection Fighting Alliance (RFA) promotion.

Leandro Higo is a Bantamweight prospect born in Mossoro, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. He never met his father, who passed away while doing an electricity service a few days before he was born so he could raise a bit more money for his son’s arrival. That love has been felt even in his father’s absence, but knowing what it is to grow up without a father, he makes it his goal to be the best father he can be to his son Mateus. Higo, who got the nickname Pitbull due to his style, amassed a 9-1 record while training in his native city and caught people’s attention, specially after a campaign from a friend who was his manager at the time reached the Brazilian media. Higo didn’t have much structure at his disposal and for several of his fights would train alone, tiying pads over pillars for him to hit as most times there would be no one to hold it for him. That same friend who was also Higo’s manager made contacts with the Pitbull Brothers team in Natal, the state capital just a bit more than 160 miles away from Mossoro. On March 8th, 2012, Pitbull Brothers trainer Bruno Gouvea, who was also one of the team’s founding member, traveled to Mossoro with Higo’s current manager Matheus Aquino to watch a MMA event and meet Higo. They liked what they saw of him as a person and Higo returned with them to Natal on the following day. Higo lived with Bellator World Champion Patricio “Pitbull” Freire and trainer Bruno until Bruno died in a car accident on April 1st of that same year, which happened to be Bruno’s Birthday. With a fight coming up, Patricio took Leandro to the renowned Team Nogueira to finish his preparation. Higo then just like Patricio started splitting his camps between Team Nogueira in Rio de Janeiro and Pitbull Brothers in Natal. When Patricio decided to focus all his efforts at Pitbull Brothers in Natal, promoting the return of his brother Patricky and other Bellator and UFC talent to the gym like Fabio Maldonado, Leandro made efforts to bring his wife and son from Mossoro to live in Natal full time. Unfortunelly for Higo, his name was very well known in Brazil and ever since 2013 he started having a very hard time to get fights booked. And when those were to happen, they would either be cancelled a few days before or his opponents wouldn’t make weight and he’d be left without a fight. He even had a chance to fight in the US, but his VISA didn’t get process in time. Talk about bad luck. Anxiety, trouble to provide for his family, uncertainty about his future as a fighter all piled up as after one and a half years Higo was selected for season 4 of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil. He easily dispatched his opponent to make it into the house, but all the time away and problems that had been consuming him added to several other factors that happened inside the house made Higo underperform on his quarterfinal match, looking like nothing more than a shell of himself. With the UFC’s roster full and no opportunity to fight for the promotion at the conclusion of the TV show, Higo found himself with the invitation to fight for Resurrection Fighting Alliance against former title contender Terrion Ware in August 21th. The Brazilian prospect put on a great performance and submitted Ware with just 2 seconds left for the end of the fight. On November 6th, Higo takes on Melvin Blumer on the main event of RFA 32 and hopes to challenge for the belt with a win.

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